How to structure your next Sass project

Dec 22, 2013
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I wanted to write a quick post about how I'm structuring my projects recently. I develop in Sass, so this is what this article will focus on, but the core can be applied to any preprocessor or even sites using basic CSS. (gasp!)

Folder Structure

The first thing I set up for each project is obviously the folder structure. Lately I've been developing in Laravel, Jekyll, and Drupal, and they each have unique theming requirements, but it basically boils down to creating a theme 'assets' folder. This assets folder will hold all theme based assets - Sass, CSS, images, fonts, javascripts, etc - and will contain your frameworks and js libraries, etc. You can place this folder inside a Drupal theme, the Laravel public folder, or the Jekyll root folder. Placing the 'asset' folder in the root is also how you would approach a normal .html site as well.

index.html (php/etc..)

If you're using compass, you'll want to track this 'assets' folder. The config.rb file will get installed inside of it as well. What this allows you to do is also create a repo just for your sites theme assets. I often create them as submodules of my framework repo (Drupal, Larvel etc). I find this allows me to easily update my themes submodules as well as segment my front-end assets from my back-end ones.

I'll have more Sass, compass, and front-end architecture posts coming soon.

Stay tuned!

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