Drew Bolles

I'm a passionate software engineer who strives to provide my users with accessible software regardless of device, location, or internet connection. I've been building for the web for the better part of two decades. I specialize in JavaScript, TypeScript, Node, React, HTML5, CSS3, responsive web design / development, and browser performance. I'm well versed in industry best practice, popular CMS and client-side frameworks, and pride myself on being a responsible developer.


  • Feb 2020

    Software Engineer

    Lead UX Developer for fast growing series A startup, building proprietary financial software in the insurance industry. I built and maintained software using TypeScript, React, NextJS, NodeJS, and other industry standard tools.

  • Final Round Esports, LLC

    Jun 2017
    Jan 2022

    CTO and Co-Founder

    I created, designed, and developed Final Round Esports, which was an esports information hub. It displayed professional esports data across a number of titles, and allowed users to curate their favorite teams and players.

  • Feb 2017
    Jan 2020

    Senior UI Engineer

    I lead a team building internal software tools for NCR development teams. I utilized the latest technologies to help define and shape how NCR produced client applications.

  • Sep 2014
    Feb 2017

    Front-end Drupal Developer

    Build high-end Drupal sites and applications

  • Oct 2012
    Sep 2014

    Senior Drupal Developer and Front-end Architect

    Develop websites and applications using Drupal 7 and PHP-based frameworks such as Laravel. Automate build process and new-site creation, as well as mentor co-workers on Drupal and industry best practices. Establish technical direction, as well as advise on client-estimates and new projects.

  • Bolles Media

    Jun 2008
    Oct 2012

    Freelance Web Developer

    Freelance web developer working for a number of different clients, building B2B, eCommerce, and community websites and solutions.


Available upon request