The Hiatus Ends

Jan 09, 2020
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These past 3 years have been filled with monumental change for me, both personally and professionally. I went from developing solely in Drupal - which I had done for nearly a decade — to JavaScript. I went from living and working in San Francisco, to an apartment in downtown Indianapolis, to now living in my own home in Sanford, Florida. I went from being a single guy to family man with a young son and beautiful partner.

In all that time, I've grown as a person, as a developer, and more recently as a father. Perspective has been gained, priorities shifted, and responsibilities multiplied, all in the name of becoming the newer, better version of myself.

I had put the proverbial pen down, I was never the most frequent blogger, but during my transition I had many things to write about but what felt like so little time to write. Numerous personal and professional epiphanies would have made excellent posts, but priorities lie elsewhere. This post will serve as my reemergence into the world of blogging.

If even for just myself, I view writing about my journey to be fruitful. I hope there are a few helpful gems along the way, I know I've learned so much from the writings of others.

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